The holiday season, kindness and grocery carts

December 11, 2007

grocery cart

It was cold (for Tacoma) and I had unloaded my groceries.  I began the walk to return my cart to the corral and I spotted a shopper on her way in.  How nice, I thought, I can give her this cart.  (It’s a good one.  No wobbly wheels, no squeaks.)  I felt flush with good will and kindness.

Smiling, I asked if she needed a cart.   She replied, “No.  But I will take it in for you.”

I was momentarily crushed.  My good intentions didn’t quite pan out!  Now she was doing me a favor! I comforted myself with the thought that I (we) had still saved the courtesy clerk the chore.

Which brings me to my big point.

I know that we Americans are fat and lazy, but are we really too lazy to put the carts back in their corrals?  Am I the only one who gets irritated when carts are helter-skelter, hither and yon throughout the parking lot?  No good comes of this!

1. The courtesy clerks (making minimum wage, one assumes) have to round up the carts like cattle on the trail, bringing up the stragglers to the rest of  the herd.

2. Carts block otherwise perfectly good parking spots (when they aren’t rolling on their own into someone’s car.)

I know that I am a little more OCD than the rest of the populace, but I will take the time to straighten the carts in the corral so that more can be stacked efficiently and they won’t stick out in the driving areas.

If we all do things in a logical manner, the world runs more smoothly and everyone is inconvenienced less.  Being lazy just makes everyone else’s life more difficult.  Take 30 freaking seconds to make the world a better place.  Or just park close to the cart corral in the first place!

And don’t even get me started on proper freeway merging protocol.  Oy!

OK.  I’m done now.


One Response to “The holiday season, kindness and grocery carts”

  1. cordieb Says:

    It’s the little things, and the joy they bring. We all should use the cart syndrome in all facets of our lives; it would make for a much better world. Thanks for taking the time to write this and share it.

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