For Gear Diary – The Nutshell Leather Case

December 3, 2007

The Nutshell Leather Case For the HTC Advantage Review

This is one of the funniest warranties I have come across, and it should give you an idea of just how tough this item is:

TUFF as Nuts Warranty

For the Nutshell®, not its contents!

Your Nutshell® is designed and constructed to take the rough with the smooth. All components have been selected and assembled with a single objective: to live up to our tuff-as-nuts claim. It should protect its contents against most of what Mother Nature can throw at it. We are so confident of its durability that it comes with a two (2) year Guarantee. If your nutshell® should crack in that time (it’s unlikely), return it to us with the Guarantee, duly completed, and we shall repair or replace it. Simple. Be reasonable, though. We know that some of you might indulge yourselves in unusual activities, so we have to apply a few conditions (for your own good, of course!)

Our Guarantee does not cover any nutshell® that has been used while (or for) putting out oil field fires, deflecting bullets, or shielding from bomb blasts. It rules out bear mauling, Rottweiler attacks and hungry rats. Nor will a nutshell® protect its contents when driven over, dropped from a dizzy height, or trampled by buffalo. Your nutshell® will probably survive, but the contents most likely won’t.

We expect nutshell® owners to be circumspect in the use of their electronic equipment. Look at it this way: you can expect your nutshell® to protect and cushion your computer from any knocks and drops and/or extremes of temperature and climate that you yourself can survive. You will crack before it does. We also suspect that, given time, the average three-year-old might chew its way through – but we don’t know why it would bother. Tastes awful.

I prefer pouch cases because I like to use my phone without any extra bulk. Even the silicone shells make me feel bulky. I think of a pouch case as a place to keep and carry my device, not as a cover to hold while using the device. Since I am not holding the leather while I am using the phone, I haven’t been what I would call particularly abusive to my nutshell® case.

I keep it in my handbag most of the time. Sometimes I wear it; sometimes it is shoved in the little cubby behind my shifter in the car.

In the three weeks I have had it, I have used it every day and I can see no visible wear on the leather. I do “toss” it on the car seat on a regular basis, but the seat is also leather, so the impact is minimal.

geardiary nutshell advantage case 02

The fit is just tight enough. As you can see, the Advantage does not slip out of the case, even when held upside down. If, however, you squeeze the sides (at the stitching) the phone will plop right out. I have tried this trick with the phone, alone and with the keyboard, and it works both ways.

geardiary nutshell advantage case 03

This is the inside of my bag. As you can see, I keep everything in cases. I know that some women’s purses look like an IED went off in them, and so for them, a case is even more important. For me, it’s protection + order. I switch purses quite often, so I like to grab as few items as possible to make the swap. With the leather cover, I can grab a few items at a time and not worry about the phone slipping out of my hands and crashing to the ground. The raised edges of the stitching give me something to hold.

Many people comment that the Advantage is “big.” If you throw some high quality leather on it, it sure isn’t going to make it any smaller and my husband did comment to that effect when I wore it on my front jeans pocket using the hook. I am not what you would call a “small girl”, so I didn’t feel like it looked disproportionately large (in fact, sometimes I think a regular phone looks disproportionately small, but that might just be me!)

The leather is really lovely. The dye is deep and rich and rivals any of the other nice leather items I own. They have a number of colors available, and the website states “There’s a range of colors too. If we haven’t got it – just ask.”


These are the color choices they show as available for the Advantage. They do have other colors shown in a calf skin finish they call ANDORRA, but they list the choice just for iPods. If you are in love with one of them, I would think it would be worth a call or email for more info.

iPod colors (I dig the Mango!):


The industrial strength steel clip (covered in black leather) is quite stiff and I never fear the pouch will pop off, even when climbing up into a tall truck or down into a low car. I pull the phone in and out of the pouch a lot and have no issues with the case coming off as I pull out the phone. The cutouts on the top seem well designed to allow for easy removal.

It is made from a single piece of leather that stretches to fit the device, and when empty, collapses flat (nice when you have it on your jeans or if you aren’t using it and want to shove it somewhere!)

The company makes cases for a ton of different phones as well as digital cameras, MP3 players and even UMPCs. Based on this experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a tuff-as-nuts case for any device you want to protect while still having full access.

Where to Buy: Tuff-as-Nuts

MSRP: starts at $59.95 ($74.95 as tested)

What I Liked: Great fit, great quality, will last a lifetime (longer than the phone it protects, I am sure!) I can plug in the charger while the phone is in the case.

What Needs Improvement: I would like more color choices on the website.


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