Reaching the world – accidentally, I am sure!

November 29, 2007

A few days ago I installed a feature here called Cluster Maps. (Look to your right…there’s a map there…with clusters…) It tracks the locations of visitors to this site. (Because I am that nosy curious.)

Imagine my surprise to see that people from the far flung corners of the earth have found themselves here. (And I mean FAR flung!)

India, England, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Iceland (that’s a lot of “I”s!)

My stats page tells me what search terms people plug into their engines that land them there and some of them are probably quite disappointed when they get here.

These are terms people used to find your blog.

how to build a clientele for your hairdressers


ultrasound puppies six weeks

rogaine success failure

ultrasound dog pregnancy

school nurses giving medication

success of hairapy

I am pretty sure the people looking for ultrasound pictures of puppies were very disappointed, so for them, here is a link to some ACTUAL ultrasound pictures of puppies.

The rest of you are on your own.


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