FoodTube – step-by-step cooking videos

November 27, 2007

Cooking shows on TV are great, but unless you plan ahead (and have a big hard drive on your DVR) you won’t have on demand access to videos when you want to cook. FoodTube is a great resource for recipes where you would like a little extra help. It is a video aggregator (it gathers videos from places like YouTube and Google Video) and you can add your own videos, as well!I checked out the video of Butternut Squash Soup, and while I like my recipe better, this wasn’t bad!

Some of the video is professional and some amateur, so feel free to post your own (you can’t be any worse than some of the home chefs I saw!)

Let me know if you add something. I am pondering it myself, but I have no experience with video editing and I’m not sure how motivated I am to find a camera man! Anyone want to volunteer?


One Response to “FoodTube – step-by-step cooking videos”

  1. Welsh Peters Says:

    Aussie creates YouTube FoodTube concept
    Sunday Sep 23 13:20 AEST
    YouTube, I “tube”, it seems we are all “tubing” so much that new websites are sprouting up in cyberspace to niche and aggregate the massively popular online video content. went online this month, and its Australian creator Darren Vowles says the site collects and presents the best of international food and wine content from YouTube.

    Foodies ravenous for information and entertainment on their special interest are expected to flock to the site collating videos from top chefs and restaurants and roving amateur critics and cooks, he said.

    About 20 videos each day are being uploaded to the site which further categorises the content, so cheese lovers for example can find their videos without having to trawl through content on truffle hunting.

    “The site is all about giving this topic that real edge. That’s why people are attracted to YouTube in the first place,” Mr Vowles said.

    Melbourne’s Basque restaurant was among the first to post on the new site.

    Its video is a 32-second tour through the tapas bar on a busy night, past the food, diners, musicians and staff, ending with a shot of the eatery’s shingle.

    Basque marketing manager Robyn McLeod said she paid two film students $200 for the video which she says screens for free on the sites and has already attracted local and international diners.

    “It’s been pretty good for us, you can see what we are doing and get a feel for the place, without coming in, that you can’t get from print reviews,” she said.

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