The Eternal City

November 20, 2007

Rome is on my mind lately.

Last week a new client told me she was going to Italy for her honeymoon. I gave her my two best travel tips for Rome.

1. Every travel guide has the same advice abut how to get from the airport into town. Take the train, they say. It is cheap and convenient. Bullshit. It is cheap, but it is not what I would call convenient. It lets you off (what feels like) a mile from the place where the cabs are. There are moving sidewalks and it is covered, but you are schlepping your own bags the whole way. And when you finally emerge, you have to get a cab to get to your hotel. I say, take a damn cab from the airport and save yourself the hassle. It will cost you, but if you have more than one bag, it will be worth it.

2. I really liked my hotel. It was outside the busy tourist section, across the street from the Opera House. I chose it because it was a Best Western and I could use my American Express Membership Rewards. It’s called the Hotel Mondial, and it is both comfortable and affordable.

The other reason Rome is on my mind is that I am reading Eat, Pray, Love. The first third of the book (the Eat part) is set in Rome. I have been enjoying it quite a bit.

I have fantasies of being and old woman in Rome; watching the world go by the fountains with no agenda. My other fantasy involves a cottage on Lake Como. I figure I have until my seventies to master Italian. Which is good, since I have not yet begun to study!


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