Another tip from Cook’s Illustrated

November 12, 2007

Have you subscribed yet?  I’m telling you, this is an incredibly valuable resource.

In the email I got from them today, they had the results from testing chef’s knives.  I invested in a good one last year and it makes a world of difference.  I wouldn’t cut hair with crappy shears, and now I don’t cut food with a crappy knife.  My mother was so impressed with my knife that she got herself one for Christmas!

If you’ve never had a “good” knife, you likely don’t know the difference.  It’s one of those things that, once you have a quality item, you can’t bear the crap you used to use.  A good quality knife runs around a hundred bucks, so I am excited to share with you this news that Cook’s Illustrated found a knife for $22.95 that rivals the more expensive competition. 

Now we can all have a good knife!

For the record, my knife is a MAC Mighty Chef (with dimples; not the one one the Cook’s Illustrated chart) and I read about it on Cooking for Engineers.

Yes, I really am this big of a geek.  You can’t still be surprised.


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