Notorious Dahlia Murderer

November 3, 2007

I love Dahlias. They are big and colorful and beautiful. I have never successfully kept one alive over a winter. I have asked advice and tried everything. I’ve put them in the garage, I have covered them with mulch, I have dug them up and I have left them alone. Each spring I have high hopes, but they are dashed when nothing comes from the soil.

A client tells me her treatment plan includes forgetting they are there and accidentally tilling them under in the spring. She dug up one of her plants and brought it to me in a pot at the end of its season and promised they would be fabulous.

I put the pot next to the garage (and the bamboo that threatens to overtake the house at any moment) and have ignored it since.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw this.


I’m not going to hold my breath. Spring is a long way off. Feel free to comment with your best dahlia tips or pictures.


One Response to “Notorious Dahlia Murderer”

  1. Dianne Bunnell Says:

    Wow! You’re doing spectacularly well to have a dahlia in November, Aura Mae. Keep up the good work…and we’ll talk about the wonders of worm castings in the spring when you get ready to plant. See you soon.


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