Shut Down Tacoma?

November 2, 2007

There is a protest planned next week (November 9/10). You can read here what it is about and what is planned. I guess when your business is near the Federal Courthouse, you have to be prepared for the occasional protest. Our concern for this one is that their stated goal is to “Shut Down Tacoma.” We don’t want to see WTO-style destruction and mayhem. If you have any inside scoop, we’d love to hear it!


3 Responses to “Shut Down Tacoma?”

  1. Concerned Says:

    Here’s an idea… Why don’t you keep it completely peaceful. Several websites supporting this event are hinting towards illegal acts. It says that the green zone is 100% legal, but outside of that people are welcome to whatever street action and tactics they can think up. It also says to “feel welcome to DIRECT ACTION.” In the military world this means achieving specific goals through use of applied physical force. I am guessing it has the same conjugation in the militant world too…


  2. As a business owner and a citizen, I sincerely hope it is nothing but peaceful. I respect our constitutional right to the freedoms of speech and assembly, but I selfishly wish it wasn’t happening in my front yard. I have made peace with the fact that people who feel passionately about issues may use the public forum to bring those issues to light. I can’t make peace with lawlessness and destruction. I guess I haven’t come across an issue yet that moves me to believe differently.

  3. Wow... Says:

    Wow, that protest was kind of lame…

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