I used to pray for paitence.

October 31, 2007

child in prayer cropped

Impatient and easily irritated, I used to pray for patience.

Then I had an idea. Perhaps if I keep asking to be taught a lesson, I will keep having the same experiences that frustrate me. You may have heard direct answers to your prayers. But I have not. If God wants me to know it’s Him, He’s going to have to speak up to be heard over the other voices that fill my head at any given moment. So whether or not anyone is listening, it is therapeutic for me to have a quiet moment of inner reflection now and again.

My prayers are ones of gratitude:

Thank you for the lesson I have learned today. (I don’t need a refresher course, I really think I got it!)
Thank you for the bountiful blessings I enjoy.

Thank you for the peace and calm that fill my heart.

Thank you for the people who share my life.

The more challenging or frustrating the day, the more I try to find to be thankful about:

I am thankful that the HVAC is working.

I am thankful that the restrooms are cleaned by the building janitor.

I am thankful that my car has gas in the tank.

I am thankful that I have a fixed rate mortgage.

I have a good life.

I have two arms and two legs and no reason to bitch.

And you?


One Response to “I used to pray for paitence.”

  1. Pawpaw Workman Says:

    I am Thankful…

    Such a pleasure to read and
    twill be a pleasure to share on
    my prayer cards.


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