Coming soon to a salon near you

October 11, 2007

A few years ago, a company was selling motorized shampoo machines.  They were way cool and supposed to save hairdressers time while giving a pleasant experience for the customer.  I heard they didn’t take off becasue the clients prefered the human contact of a traditional shampoo.  Well, here’s the next one coming.  If I were to guess, I’d sat that this will probably be used more for medical treatments than beauty treatments.  


Robot masseuse rubs out yet another human job category

robotmassage1.jpgYet another job for humans has been co-opted by our soon-to-be robot masters — massages. Tokyo’s Waseda University Takanishi Laboratory and Asahi University have developed the WAO-1 robot (Waseda Asahi Oral Rehabilitation Robot 1) for humans in need of facial massages or therapy. One of the robot’s creators, Ken Nishimura, even said he hopes to see the robot take over the work in many beauty salons some day soon. Clinical trials needed to deploy the robot throughout Japan’s hospitals are set to begin next month. — Adario Strange

Via TechOn


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