And you thought our salon was odd!

September 19, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

10 Places I Am Definitely Not Getting My Hair Cut


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I think this exemplifies “It is better to be good at a lot of things that to be the best at one”
I bet they cook a mean pizza but I’m going to pass on the haircut

I guess it all depends on the definition of Wak. I am thinking it could
be a good time if it’s a “happy ending” type wak but I am afraid
it could be the Sweeney Todd/Sopranos type. In that case
I may Yak as well.

As a suburban white guy, I just don’t think the ghetto fabulous is my look

I can get pass the no english part but I can’t past the thought that an image organic haircut
is going to also be known as “The Woody Harrelson”

Love the ad, it certainly got my attention. I don’t think they would even cut my hair but
even if they did I’m afraid I would leave with a brazilian

At first glance I thought this was a dog groomer. I am still not going to take any chances as
I still may come out of the place looking like this.


Nothing better than a pretty girl with nice assets trimming your bangs
but I only have $10. Maybe that will get me a blowdry

Two different places yet a strikingly similar sign design. Now I know where Burt Reynolds
got his hair did.

I’ve believe in Jesus and if I remember correctly he really doesn’t have the look
I’m going for.


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