Off to Minneapolis

September 15, 2007

They tell me I’ll be staying across the street from the Mall of the Americas. Oh boy. As a Northwest airlines frequent flier, I have been in the MSP airport more times than I can count, but have never stepped outside. Even when I had an eight hour delay, I shopped and got a massage rather than leave. (If I would have had an 8 hour delay in Milan, you can bet I would have gone into town!)

This event is Specialist Training, which really means: learn our corporate vernacular and the Brocato Story so that if we send you out to teach, you will say the right thing. I did the same thing for Kadus last year and for Goldwell back in the day. They usually throw in some presentation skills as well. The real fun is meeting new folks and networking.

I will undoubtedly be assigned homework each evening, and we will have to do presentations for which I must practice, but I am sure I can find an hour or two to peek inside the Mall!

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