Photo Shoot

September 10, 2007

I got to spend another warm day at the photo studio in Seattle on Sunday. I was there to help a friend of mine, fellow Board Certified Haircolorist and educator, Jessee Skittrall. He is entering the North American Hairdressing Award competition in the Haircolor category. We prepped and shot five models. He has to submit before and after shots of three models (with detailed notes of the techniques and products used.) None of the girls were professional models, but two are “in a band”. The other three were found via Craig’s List.

The photographer and make-up artist came up from Southern California. They specialize in photo work in the beauty industry and did a great job. Now, before even one of you asks why I don’t do my own photo shoot and enter such competitions, I have two words for you: Five Grand. (Imagine if he had to pay the models and hair assistants, also!)

If you’ve never been to a photo shoot, you might think it is very glamorous. You would be wrong! It took us from 8AM to 7PM to do five models. Each model had two finished hairstyles and wardrobes, and was shot on two sets. Make-up was about an hour per model and then the inevitable touch-ups. They had all been pre-cut and colored, so we just styled the hair for the first set of shots, then switched the hairstyle to something different for the second set. We did the simplest style first, so that we could build on it for the next style. (There are no shampoo bowls in a photo studio!)

The wardrobe stylist is from Seattle and is also a designer, so we had some original pieces for the models to wear. The photographer and assistant worked their asses off. They didn’t take any breaks longer than 5 minutes and they rolled from one model to another with incredible pacing. There is no down time for the photographer, because they are the most expensive part! (Never make them wait for hair, make-up or wardrobe!) Because this was a hair shoot, a hairdresser was always on set (with hairspray, a comb, styling creme smeared on the back of their hand, and a tooth brush) ready to re-style the hair as the model moved and it came out of place.

You will not be surprised that my favorite model was the one with screaming red/orange/pink hair.

While I wasn’t actively working, I grabbed some photos. I had neglected to charge the battery on my nice Canon digital, so I had to use the camera on my phone/PDA.

NAHA photo shoot Sept 2007

Click this for access to the web album for more photos.  (The first few were taken with someone else’s camera phone and are a little dark.)

Click on the thumbnails to view these pictures larger.

naha-photo-shoot-251.jpg. naha-photo-shoot-250.jpgnaha-photo-shoot-343.jpgnaha-photo-shoot-339.jpgnaha-photo-shoot-326.jpgimage_097.jpgimage_090.jpgimage_077.jpgNAHA model - hurry up and wait


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