New Faces!

September 1, 2007

We have two ladies working with us in the salon for a few weeks. They are doing their externship as part of their cosmetology program at Gene Juarez. Our job is to show them what life is like in the salon so they aren’t startled when they enter the workforce. I had them each write a brief bio to introduce themselves to you all.

Shannon (the blonde one): My name is Shannon. I am currently a student at Gene Juarez Academy. I have been given the great opportunity of spending my last few hours learning the ins and outs of a salon. This is why I’m here with Aura and team. I am watching an learning what I can do when I get out into “the real world”. I might be just slightly more prepared.

Cortney (the brunette): My name is Cortney. I have been attending Gene Juarez Academy and I’m finally almost finished! For my remaining hours I have the chance to extern at Azarra with Aura and everyone.

They are doing all the entry level salon stuff you would expect. So far this week they have sorted out the old magazines, folded towels, torn foils and cleaned color bowls. We ave been explaining to them all the reasons behind our techniques and telling them everything we wish we were told when we were your stylists.

Next week they will start helping us with shampoos and blowdrys, then they will bring in models and get our help working on their creative visions!


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