Freshly inspired and ready to roll!

August 21, 2007

The two days in Seattle went quite well despite a number of small irritants. Our event was held in a funky loft/studio with lots of natural light (read: hot evening sun) and no AC. You can image how excited I was about that, considering the issues we had in the salon last week! I did my best not to whine. The class was nice and small, so everyone got plenty of personalized attention. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Brocato cutting philosophy was not dis-similar to the Vidal Sassoon philosophy on which I was originally trained a million years ago.

I brought home the mannequins we worked on, so I have two new trend cuts to show clients. Of course the style trend of the moment is Posh Spice. Not since Jennifer Aniston has there been a celebrity haircut so popular and in-demand. The other hairdressers in the workshop with me were there from up and down the West Coast and they all said their clients are clamoring for a variation of the ‘do as well. It’s a bona-fide trend (and by the time all the Average Janes among us get it, Posh will have a whole new style!)

I was invited to Minneapolis to train to be on the Brocato Team in September. I’m not sure exactly how they want to use me, but I am excited to get some additional training (and to visit the Mall of America which is by the hotel where the event will be held.) Brocato and Kadus are distributed in the US by the same company (Beautopia) and so being trained in both of their products will allow me to be a more valuable member of their team.

The more I learn about the Brocato line, the more I like it. One of the greatest things is that behind the label is a real person, not a corporation. Sam nit-picks each formulation, each ingredient, each result. It is his baby, and it matters to him whether or not the product performs. Considering the frustrations we have had of late with our previous products, it’s exciting to feel a part of something and to know that if we have questions or suggestions, there is someone who wants to hear it! On your next visit, feel free to purchase some of the Brocato. Maybe you’d like Cloud 9 Blow-Out which helps reduce the time it takes to dry your hair and helps the brush slip through without snagging. Like always at Azarra, if you don’t like it, bring it back and we’ll exchange it for something else. My favorite feature of the line is that because all the products are designed to be mixed and layered together you don’t have to worry about using too much and having to start over. And everything is designed to rinse cleanly from the hair, so for those of us who rinse (but don’t shampoo) every time, you don’t have to worry about product lingering. A warm rise will get rid of most everything! (Fewer shampoos = less color fading…which reminds me…they have a great new line extension coming out all designed to preserve color!)

It’s an exciting time to be at Azarra!


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